convict turned pastor serves 24,573 meals in under 1 year to those in need

It's because of people like you that we have been able to positively impact thousands of lives. Our community of monthly givers know that every single person who walks through our doors is introduced to the power of the love of Jesus and our systems designed for practical help.

FROM active addiction TO actively making a DIFFERENCE...

In 2009 I was arrested on numerous drug felonies and spent 9 months in the Elkhart County Correctional Complex. I was in denial about my addiction and my part in my arrest. I blamed everyone else and swore that I was a good mother and member of society. 

After being incarcerated for a few weeks, I decided to go to church. It so happedned to be a Guidance Ministries service. It was interesting enough to me that I continued to go and I continued to be in denial, but not for long.

Pastor Frank would preach, no not preach, he would talk to us and I felt like he was talking directly to me every single time. I remember crying to the point I couldnt breathe, and that is when Pastor Lori stepped in. She would just listen to me, she never blamed me or accused me, but she was completely honest when she spoke to me.

Pastor Frank would talk about his journey and how he came to be the man of God that he was and felt it was his mission in life to help others like him. Pastor Lori would point out the personal truths to me, in my own life to help others like him. Pastor Lori would point out the personal truths to me, in my own life. She would ask me questions that would leave no room for denial and eventually she helped me see my part in every single one of my actions. 

She helped me realize that regardless of how I ended up in jail with 9 felony charges, that if I was not involved in that lifestyle or with the people I was involved with, none of this could have happened. She helped me understand the importance of accountability and forgiveness. 

I continued to attend their service every week. I watched how she stood by his side regardless of the different paths in life they came from, God brought them togethger for a reason, and I was so thankful. I could only hope to find a mission in life like they had, and someone to help me navigate the path I was trying so desparately to find. 

I spent 12 years and 5 months in prison, but never forgot Pator Frank and Lori King! I never forgot the words they so kindly spoke to all of us, but with such conviction that it had to be true. I vowed to be a walking testimony like Pastor Frank was one day, and that is exactly what I am today!

In October this year, I walked into Guidance Ministries as an Oaklawn employee (addiction rehabilitation services). I was able to tell Pastor Lori thank you for everything. I could never put into words the deoth of love and help I received from them both. I could never thank them enough for taking time out of their lives to help me and others like me. Thank you just doesnt cover it, but I will do my best to be the walking talking testimony that you told me I could be if I just believed. 

We believe in people and When you believe in someone, you have high expectations. We expect progress. you can see our annual impact report below.

24,573 meals

Our hot meal program not only helps those in the community who may be struggling with food insecurity, but also those who struggle with isolation. A majority of those who come for a meal are a part of the “working poor” who may just need a little extra
assistance to make it through the month. The remainder of our guests come for the social interaction and fellowship they may be missing in their daily life.

4,488 gifts

Every year we provide brand-new high-quality gifts to children in need at Christmas. Because our signups begin after other program deadlines have passed, we are the last safety net to ensure all children in our county receive gifts. Our Christmas Outreach also pioneered programming that allowed all children in the family up to age 17 to receive gifts for Christmas, where other programs only served children up to 14 years


1,867 food boxes

These food boxes are designed to provide supplementation for those in need. We are
able to provide nonperishable items, meat, along with a variety of other items. In addition to food items our pantry is able to provide hygiene items, baby items (such as diapers and wipes), as well as feminine hygiene products.

90 people housed

Many of our unhoused guests come to us with little to no income. We work within those parameters to assist them in finding suitable housing. For some this may include applying for public housing, because it is what their disability or retirement benefit amount will allow. For others it may be finding suitable employment and then a more traditional housing option. 

55 people hired

We do everything we can to empower our clients to attain access to great paying jobs for a sustainable source of income and contentment. 

25 people in rehab

Some of the guests we encounter are actively struggling with substance abuse issues.
We are able to assist these individuals with obtaining the needed insurance and finding
a rehab program that will best meet their needs.


donations go directly back into the community. if you would like to help, click the button below.

99% of people will never positively impact a stranger
We do every single day
Here's our crazy story...

Frank King was an ex convict who was homeless in New Orleans when his life was turned upside down by a chance encounter with a street evangelist. He grew up in Goshen Indiana going to church regularly, but he had chosen a disastrous life of crime. He had heard the gospel before and was more annoyed by the street preachers who came to Mardi Gras every year than anything else. The preacher however offered him a free meal, a pack of cigarettes and sat down to listen, so he obliged. 

After his meal he ran into one of his friends crying while talking to a sweet young lady who had just led his friend to Christ. He told his friend to shut up and that he would be back in the bar in an hour, and of course, he was. But his prior conversation with the street preacher had gotten to him. He was offered a one way bus ticket to Pennsylvania to change his life, but time was running out and that ticket offer would expire soon.

He took the offer. He gave his life to Christ two days later, and that sweet lady who had led his friend to Christ a few years later became his wife, Lori King. 

Frank and Lori had a vision to see the lost saved, and because of each of their unique skill sets and upbringing they were able to bring to fruition a dream they shared for many years.

Guidance Ministries began in January of 2000. Frank was a loud, tattood biker who could preach anyone's socks off. Lori is a practical and brave leader who would be the glue that held everything together. Unfortunately, in 2016, Pastor Frank tragically passed away in an unexpected motorcycle crash. Pastor Lori is still carrying on the legacy with the help of an outstanding team of individuals committed to a lasting positive impact on the city of Elkhart. 

Together, Frank and Lori have impacted tens of thousands of people's eternities. At Guidance Minsitries not only are people's practical needs met with world class case work but people encounter Jesus when they step foot through Guidance Ministries' doors. It is not just another ministry. It is a vehicle to spread the impact of the gospel to people who unfortunately are often overlooked.

At Guidance Ministries we feel we are called to reach those who may not have the opportunity to hear the gospel in their day-to-day life. These are the people you may cross to the other side of the street before you pass, the ones who you may chose not to make eye contact with, but the same ones that God will rejoice with when they enter the Kingdom of Heaven! We love that we have been called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Matthew 25:35-40 "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink...The king will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me'" 

If you would like to take part in practically impacting the community around you, donate monthly below and join us as we spread the good news of Jesus.

WOULD YOU like to volunteer?

Take a look at our volunteer oppurtunities below and feel free to give us a call if you need more information.

God's kitchen

Every Tuesday and Thursday we serve the community a hot meal from 5pm-6pm

Clothing & Food pantry

You would help fill the boxes and stock shelves. Other opportunities include signing in guests and offering prayer while they wait for their
food box.

Christmas Outreach

Every year volunteers get the privilege of helping give out gifts to families in need.

Special projects

This includes fundraisers,
Help with the Annual Food drive, yard maintenance, and an assortment of one time projects
that will fit into any schedule.

Frank King Training Center

Teaching practical and Spiritual tools for life and ministry. We need individuals to help facilitate classes.

Educational classes

We've offered classes such as: welding, office and computer skills.  We need help to facilitate and teach more practical skills.

Homeless ministry

Would you like to be hands on working with the unhoused? The homeless ministry is
looking for front desk help. This can be a few hours per week or a few hours per day.
The front desk volunteer helps with breakfast (no cooking involved) and hospitality.
Ensuring that guests sign in, assisting them with basic needs services, answering the
phone, and being a listening ear.


We are here to help our community feel seen, loved, and know that there is a God who knows and loves them. Anyone can have a prosperous future. People just need the right tools and vision. 

Contact us for more information

Physical Address: 216 N. 2nd St. Elkhart, IN 46516

Mailing Address: P.O Box 1494 Elkhart, IN 46515

Call Us (574) 296-7192

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